Getting Through Emergency Plant Shutdowns

Any active industrial plant could eventually encounter an emergency situation where a shutdown is necessary. Although plant shutdowns are an impractical response to emergencies, as it can lead to decreased revenue, they are recommended to ensure the safety of operations. During a plant shutdown, everybody involved should be well prepared.

Follow a Plan

Even before disasters occur, the industrial plant should already have a formulated plan to follow in case of emergency. Personnel in charge of management should anticipate all things that could go wrong, and possible solutions. This way, all responsibilities and tasks that need to be performed would be done accordingly. All important details should be taken into account so that the downtime is reduced effectively.

Hire Professionals

A plant shutdown would not only involve in-house employees but outside help as well. From providers of emergency fuel service to consultants, you should only look to professionals who meet the requirements for such a complex procedure. If you are hiring from another company, make sure that they are equipped with materials, products and experience to handle your specific needs.


The devised plan should already indicate which personnel should handle a specific task. Although each worker has his own job to do, each task is connected to another. Therefore, all involved employees should be coordinated at all times to avoid any more problems.


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