New Lubricants Change the Transportation Industry

Shell Lubricants have been constantly ensuring that Class 8 trucks and trailers achieve significant fuel economy gains, and recognizes that such can be done through a holistic approach including the use of aerodynamic designs, engine and drive train technology, efficient driving methods, and using low viscosity synthetic lubricants.

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Trusted Automotive Dealer Supplies Provider Recommends Baldwin Filters

At Apache Oil Company, we are proud to be considered as a highly trusted automotive dealer supplies provider here in the state, especially since Texas car dealers and repair shops do not give their seal of approval so easily. A distributor of lubricants, coolants, and other oil-based engine products and accessories has to please these businesses first with excellent customer service and with high-quality automotive parts like hydraulic filters before getting their nod. We are glad to say that every dealership we’ve worked and are currently working with is very satisfied of the products we carry and the kind of service we render.