Choosing among the Best Racing Oils

If your vehicle is used more for racing, motor oils just wouldn’t do. To keep up with the engine’s hard use and constant high-temperature operation, racing oils provides superior wear and oxidation resistance compared to regular motor oil. What separates each kind of racing oil is their base and additive packages, with high quality base oils needing only few additives for better performance.

How to Choose the Best Oil

Generally, synthetic oils are the best option compared to mineral oil, since these undergo additional refining, purification, and distillation, resulting in a consistent and high-quality base stock. Synthetic oils also have the advantage of being oxidation resistant especially at high temperatures, ensuring superior lubrication.

Aside from the base oil, one of the key components of any racing oils is an anti-wear additive, which provides a protective barrier between surfaces in contact, especially under extreme pressure. Anti-wear additives usually contain ZDDP (or zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate), a mixture of zinc and phosphorus; most people consider a concentration of at least 1500 PPM sufficient. However, if racing oil has a high-quality substrate and contains additives such as moly, it can have a concentration as little as 1100 PPM and still yield fantastic results.

Most importantly, if you’re looking for the best racing oils, it’s best to go for brands that have the best reputations among the racing community, as these selections have passed the rigorous rite of passage known as trial and error.


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