Avoid “Will Fit” to Achieve Proper Filtration

In every type of equipment, maintaining its filtration is a vital component in extending its lifespan. With proper filtration, components like air, lube, fuel, cooling, and hydraulic systems are the ones that are most likely to benefit.

Defining Proper Filtration

 How do you know for sure that your equipment is exhibiting proper filtration? This means that a piece of an equipment’s system is adequately protected by filters. These filters must meet, or even exceed, the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations, which provide specifications that are based on a system’s requirements. These recommendations consequently assure that the equipment’s systems will be properly protected, while ensuring that its operation will be efficient and problem-free.

The “Will-Fit” Philosophy

 Some filter manufacturers, on the other hand, believe in the “will-fit” philosophy, or using one filter in the place of several other filters for different specifications. Adhering to a “will-fit” philosophy puts an equipment at risk of damage and might even void the provided warranties of the filter and even the vehicle.

If you have no choice but to proceed in the “will-fit” method, extra care and caution must be practiced, especially when crossing a filter number that’s not recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it’s highly advisable to use filters, particularly Baldwin filters, that are specified in an applications catalog.


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