Tips for Optimum Hand Hygiene at Auto Body Shops

Mechanics and general auto body shop workers are frequently exposed to motor oils, grease, tar, and other stubborn soils. This exposure increases their risk of acquiring skin conditions ranging from minor dermatitis to severe skin cancers. A general lack of hand hygiene can also leave one prone to illnesses like diarrhea and even hand-foot-mouth disease.

No employer or auto body shop owner should ever be willing to take these risks. Neglect hand hygiene, and you could face costly liabilities. To improve hand hygiene in your auto body shop, here are some practical tips to consider:

Educate your workers.

Teach your workers the value of proper hand hygiene in relation to the nature of their work. Reinforce instructions with informative memos and strategically placed signs or posters. Stress the importance of the appropriate frequency, duration, techniques, and supplies for heavy-duty hand cleaning.

Provide proper cleaning supplies.

Dispense ample industrial hand soap or wipes made for soils that your employees frequently handle. Something like the GOJO hand cleaner, for example, is suitable for heavy dirt and oils. Skip regular bar soaps or detergents that may be insufficient for cleaning the hands and may be too harsh on the skin.

Regularly clean your facilities and tools.

Make sure your facilities and tools are regularly and thoroughly disinfected. Inspect any hazardous chemical containers or storage equipment that can break down and leak chemicals or soils. See to it that clean, running water is always available for use.


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