Refinery Turnaround: Understanding the Process and Why It is Important

Living in a modern world has been dependent on oil and gas. Vehicles and equipment perform the way they are expected to because of these commodities. Refineries and plants have been essential part to convert crude oil into diesel, petroleum and gasoline products without you giving much thought about it.


A Refinery Turnaround Is No Simple Task: The Risk of Plant Shutdowns

In many ways a plant shutdown or turnaround is a necessary evil. On one hand the refinery will lose production for a few days and will be unable to earn, but on the other hand the turnaround will make sure the plant will be optimally productive for the rest of the year.

As one would imagine, planning and executing a refinery turnaround is not a simple task. There are numerous factors that must be considered to ensure that everything goes according to schedule. If not done correctly, the consequences could be dire, not only for the plant itself, but the overall oil economy as well. Here are a few things to consider when planning a quick but effective turnaround:

Mitigating Refinery Turnaround Issues with Proper Fuel Management

Petroleum and its derivative products—fuel, oil, plastics, and so on—are some of the most valuable substances on earth. Each day, the refineries that process crude oil produce gallons upon gallons of products for the entire world to use. It is hard and laborious work, for both personnel and the machines they operate. So taxing is the job of refining crude oil that machine malfunctions and failures are not unheard of, prompting workers to shut down their operations to fix the problems at hand.

Like any manufacturing or fabricating plant, refineries, too, need to take a break for maintenance purposes. These planned shutdowns are called turnarounds. While turnarounds are great opportunities for refineries to address any issues they might be experiencing, they can raise a lot of trouble on their own if not managed properly.

Our Quality Refinery Turnaround Services Are Trusted across Industries

Refinery turnaround jobs are some of the activities where the services of our company play a major role. Here at Apache Oil Company, we are glad to be among the most trusted in the industrial scene when it comes to on-site fuel service. Chemical plants and oil refineries are among the industries that approach our company when they are conducting turnarounds. In addition, we are also called to handle road construction projects.

Part of our clients’ trust is from our observance of designing a customized program for a project, recognizing that each has its own unique circumstances, characteristics, and needs. With this degree of customization, we ensure that our programs fit the specifics of any given project to maximize its successful execution.