Shell Lubricants – How to Carefully Choose Your Kind of Lubricants?

When looking for gear lubricants, a lot of people rely on the numbers like it’s some kind of game. However, lubricant selection is more than just numbers. The figures cannot determine whether you have the right product for a specific application.


Shell Lubricants: Improving Your Business Efficiency and Profitability

There are no two ways about it – unless you’re in an industry that doesn’t involve the use of machinery in any way, lubricants will definitely have an impact on the operation of your business. A lot of people don’t really give it much thought, but many vehicular and industrial machinery breakdowns can be conveniently traced to insufficient or improper lubrication.
Proper usage can bring significant benefits in terms of improved efficiency and profitability, but before you use it, you have to get an ideal lubricant that guarantees maximum performance and output. Its high viscosity index is vital to keeping products and machine parts in place even when friction or wear and tear threaten to break it down.

Variants of High-Quality Shell Lubricants Sold at Apache Oil Company

As one of the best known suppliers of industrial lubricants in Texas, Apache Oil Company aims to provide only the best products. For this reason, we have formed partnerships with top brands of the industry, including Phillips 66, Castrol, Houghton, and especially Shell. We carry variants of high-quality Shell lubricants applicable to virtually every industry, including refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas industries, automotive dealers supplies, automotive parts supplies, and marine craft.

Shell is a global group of energy petrochemical companies that refines, supplies, trades, manufactures, and markets a vast range of products including lubricants. It operates in over 70 countries across several continents. The company focuses in exploring new oil and gas reserves in order to meet global energy demands.

For Shell Lubricants, Texas Dealers Depend upon Apache Oil Company

Back in 1833, a young shopkeeper selling antiques and bric-a-brac in London’s East End named Marcus Samuel decided to expand his merchandise to include hugely popular oriental shells. This decision turned his shop into a successful import/export business. Little did he realize that this would become the foundation for a company that would lead the global oil and lubricants industry.

Shell produces base oils in eight plants, across a range of grades, and blend finished lubricants in more than 50 plants in about 34 countries. The corporate giant markets, sells, and distributes finished lubricants as well as offer services to customers in over 100 countries, which means an abundant supply of superior quality products.