Shell Lubricants – How to Carefully Choose Your Kind of Lubricants?

When looking for gear lubricants, a lot of people rely on the numbers like it’s some kind of game. However, lubricant selection is more than just numbers. The figures cannot determine whether you have the right product for a specific application.


Why Your Vehicle Needs Lubricants

For vehicle owners, whether your car is used for business purposes or for simple day-to-day transportation, it is important to have proper maintenance done from time to time. Lubricants are essential in a car’s upkeep to reduce the amount of friction generated by the car’s engine.

Know your Oils: Look past the Gimmicky Packaging

Automotive lubricants help condition the parts they lubricate. In the long term, proper lubrication will maintain and prolong the lifespan of the component parts of every vehicle. The American Petroleum Institute (API) puts out a certification to rate and maintain quality standards of lubricants as set by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This service rating is indicated in the API symbol on the product label.
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