Industrial Lubricants and the Unknown Dangers of Lubricant Starvation

Machines and many mechanical systems rely on lubricants for their efficiency and to reduce friction among their gears. In fact, most companies strive for lubrication-enabled reliability, which requires them to achieve four big objectives, namely: correct lubricant selection, stabilized lubricant health, contamination control and a sustained and adequate lubricant supply.

Most machines fail because industries fail to achieve the fourth objective, namely achieving an adequate supply of lubricants, thus leading to other abnormal machine wear, including overheating, contamination and misalignment. These can often be ascribed to one overlooked root cause: lubricant starvation. Ignoring lubricant starvation can lead to further problems or even gradual damage, which is why having an adequate supply of industrial lubricants should never be overlooked.


New Lubricants Change the Transportation Industry

Shell Lubricants have been constantly ensuring that Class 8 trucks and trailers achieve significant fuel economy gains, and recognizes that such can be done through a holistic approach including the use of aerodynamic designs, engine and drive train technology, efficient driving methods, and using low viscosity synthetic lubricants.

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