Refinery Turnaround: Understanding the Process and Why It is Important

Living in a modern world has been dependent on oil and gas. Vehicles and equipment perform the way they are expected to because of these commodities. Refineries and plants have been essential part to convert crude oil into diesel, petroleum and gasoline products without you giving much thought about it.


Important Tips on Prolonging the Shelf Life of Synthetic Motor Oil

Businesses, such as an automotive dealer or a manufacturing plant that runs complex machineries, often need to store synthetic motor oil for prolonged periods. To ensure their stock remains in good condition and does not go stale, they have to take the necessary precautions. Synthetic oil can actually last for a long period of time, but only when stored properly. The key to prolonging the shelf life of oil lies in keeping its consistency and properties the same. Introducing new factors to the oil and changing its property may cause the oil to deteriorate at a faster rate. Here are some of these harmful factors that could affect the longevity of synthetic oil: