The Advantages of Shell’s New Diesel Fuel

Those who deal with lubricants such as fuel on a daily basis know that they can pose some unique challenges. Dealing with the standard unleaded gasoline can be a difficult enough proposition, but it can be an entirely different ball-game when it comes to diesel fuel. If you are the administrator of a major fleet, then chances are you are aware of the challenges that can ensue when dealing with the needed diesel fuel to run your fleet effectively. Luckily, lubricant companies are constantly devising new ways to help your bottom line and allow you to manage your fleet more effectively. One of these ways would be through Shell’s new FuelSave Diesel fuel. Here are some advantages your fleet will enjoy when using this new lubricant:

1. FuelSave Diesel will protect the engine.

One of the best advantages about this new lubricant would be that it is designed to protect a diesel engine. One of the main ways that it does this is through the prevention of injector build up. This eases use on the engine and allows for a three percent difference in fuel consumption.

2. FuelSave Diesel can protect the exhaust system.

This lubricant is also better for the exhaust because it prevents an injector nozzle from becoming as dirty. This is also good for the environment because it will prevent black smoke deposits into the air.

3. This lubricant can be good for the fuel tank.

Diesel fuel can produce foam which can take up space. The Shell FuelSave Diesel has been designed to reduce foaming and prevent spills.

This great product is showcased here. More information on some of Shell’s other innovative products can be found here.


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