Recent up rise in the shutdown of oil plants has led to a deep impact on the consumer market who are unable to find supplies they require at economical rates, leading to a deficit in the supply and increase in prices for the products.

The use of oil has become an integral part of today’s world and even its byproducts. Oil has become not only the base line for our energy systems but also to maintain function of our vehicles in the automotive industry which is directly linked to the transport industry. Plant shut downs can be avoided by supplying or having a constant supply of emergency fuel to back up the plant in case of emergency. This is to make sure that work can continue even if the regular supply is not available. Not only does the plant shut down affect industry it also affects the spiking unemployment rate and the effect it has on its employees who are unable to find equally sustainable jobs elsewhere easily and face hardship.

Plant shut downs have never been an easy tasks and their impact tends to prevail even years after the climax has occurred. Therefore it is very important to make sure that an emergency supply of fuel is always maintained in order to keep business and operations running so as to be able to sustain both the industry and the employees.


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