Lubricant Upgrades a Must for Energy Efficiency

Most plants are seeking to reduce maintenance costs while increasing their equipment’s utilization and reliability. To achieve all these, maintenance personnel will often suggest upgrading the plant’s lubricants to be at par with the latest technology.

Energy Costs among Plants

 Unfortunately, most records fail to accurately document energy savings resulting from the use of high-performance oil. The absence of user-friendly records make it almost difficult for most personnel to justify the purchase of newer and better lubricants. More innovative maintenance personnel, meanwhile, were able to document energy savings derived from the use of synthetic lubricants, particularly those with high film strength friction-reducing additive technology.

Energy costs are often the largest expense of every operating rotating equipment, and may even exceed the cost of maintenance by 20 to 25 times. Energy costs continue to rise, making the amount of energy used an important concern for their profitability. Even a one percent reduction in energy consumption would contribute greatly to significant savings.

Energy Savings with Lubricants

 Investing in a lubricant with improved quality offers plants numerous opportunities in reducing costs and increasing their overall earnings. Since an upgrade in lubricants can result in improved equipment efficiency, it also leads to an increase in machine output, lower operating temperatures, and even reduced energy use. The potential for energy savings vary greatly among different types of equipment, but what is certain is that high-quality lubricant yields significant energy reduction, thus further lowering a plant’s expenses.


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