Proper Lubricant Handling

When properly used, lubricants present no hazard to the health of the user. Proper handling of lubricants only requires the basic knowledge of not letting the oil directly touch the skin or be ingested. However, despite this basic reminder, some people still forget the guidelines of proper lubricant handling. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Attire–The most recommended attire is an overall with impenetrable aprons, gloves, and other pieces of clothing that covers exposed skin.

  • Washing–After handling lubricant products, immediately wash with non-hazardous cleansers. If possible also apply barrier and conditioning creams.
  • Rags–Never use dirty rags. As a precaution, always separate your dirty rags from the clean ones, and keep them away from you after use. If you experience any skin irritation, immediately wash the affected area and have it seen by a doctor.
  • Change–Never reuse your overalls. The moment you take them off, take it straight to the washing machine along with every clothing article that you used. You can also allot a specific place in your cabinet for work-related clothing only to prevent staining your regular clothes.
  • First Aid–A first aid kit must always be available nearby when you handle lubricant products.
  • Store Purchases–purchase your lubricants only from trusted manufacturers and distributors.

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