Choosing the Right Lubricant Can Help Save Costs

Operating costs for a piece of machinery doesn’t begin and end with initial purchase and installation costs alone—there is also the equipment’s cost of ownership to account for. This includes all the maintenance procedures performed routinely to make sure all of machine’s parts (the motor, pump, fan, conveyor, and others) are running correctly.

The importance of proper lubrication

 One of the best ways to properly maintain an equipment—and in consequence, lower operating costs—is through proper lubrication. It may not appear important at first glance, but choosing the right lubricant for your needs can effectively prevent costly equipment failure in the future. According to recent studies, 43 percent of equipment failures are the direct result of incorrect choice and usage of lubricants.

 Maintenance through Proper Lubrication

Most of these premature failures happen due to the selection of the wrong lubricant viscosity. This greatly increases the amount of wear an equipment may experience. On the other hand, failure to keep the lubricant clean also causes 70 percent of machines to lose their usefulness. Proper lubrication, along with proper conditioning, lessens the chances of equipment failures from happening.

Some manufacturers might find it difficult to invest significant dollars on quality industrial lubricant. What they must know, however, is that opting for the right high quality lubricant extends the life of their machines, helps them get the most out of their equipment, and cuts down on mean time between failures.


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