The Ecobox: An Advanced Motor Oil Storage Solution

New engine manufacturers are becoming more precise with their oil requirements to minimize environmental impact and maximize fuel economy in their equipment. In many cases, manufacturers are specifying an extremely limited number of oil grades for optimal engine lifespan and performance.

While this may be great news for fleet managers who want the best value out of their automotive investment, it poses a problem for those with a variety of vehicles and are used to stocking only a few oil grades in large steel tanks: How do you stock and store so many new oil tanks filled with the specific grades you need for your fleet?

Fortunately, one oil manufacturer has come up with an innovative answer. Introducing, the Shell Lubricants Ecobox. The product stems from the oil giant’s partnership with performance packaging manufacturer Scholle and the two companies’ drive to satisfy customers’ needs for the most economic, ergonomic, and sustainable packaging for motor oil.

Designed to help fleet owners and operators store, manage, and transfer oil more efficiently, the Ecobox—which comes in an environmentally-friendly cardboard box with plastic lining—helps improve speed and ease of use. Compared to oil cans and bottles, the Ecobox drains quicker, requires less handling, and leaves minimal residual oil. With the Ecobox, fleet managers can now store a good number of different motor oils and do away with the need for bulk storage.



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