New Lubricants Change the Transportation Industry

Shell Lubricants have been constantly ensuring that Class 8 trucks and trailers achieve significant fuel economy gains, and recognizes that such can be done through a holistic approach including the use of aerodynamic designs, engine and drive train technology, efficient driving methods, and using low viscosity synthetic lubricants.

According to Chris Guerrero, global brand manager for Shell Rotella, “During our continuous on-highway testing of Shell Rotella engine oils and other lubricants, we always seek to understand how efficiencies can be gained across the whole truck.”

New Partnership and Project

With this goal in mind, Shell Lubricants announced a partnership with AirFlow Truck Co. for the creation of a next-generation concept truck nicknamed the StarShip. Expected to debut in 2017, the Starship will come with a new design and aims to break current fuel efficiency records among Class 8 trucks.

Aside from a sleek design, the StarShip tractor and trailer has been fused into a single integrated unit, solving the problem with gaps between tractor and trailer. This problem has always been one of the biggest concerns, since this causes loss of efficiency and aerodynamic drag.

This will also be Shell’s contribution to the pursuit of significant fuel economy gains among Class 8 trucks and trailers, integrating new fuel economy regulations and the latest advances in fuel economy. Through this new project, further exploration on the limits of fuel efficiency is also made possible.



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