Crane Wires: Slippery When Greased

Cranes of any capacity are critical parts of any construction operation. You cannot pass any development without seeing those towering cranes moving materials and equipment around. Part of their efficiency, though, involves using wire ropes to maneuver the load, but the strain may take a toll before long going around the drum, requiring the use of special wire rope lubricants.


Wire ropes are special cables where strands of wire are continuously rewound around a central core. The core strand can be either made of plastic, metal, or fiber, and each will have its own tensile and bending breaking strength values. If you’ve watched certain scenes in movies or TV that had close-ups of a cable gradually twirling out, that’s a wire rope.


Industrial experts normally categorize wire rope lubricants into two classes.

Penetrating – Penetrating wire rope lubricants are based around a petroleum solvent which enables the material to gradually seep down the strands into the core itself, while immersing into the woven strands.

Coating – Coating lubricants may be used when the rope itself must be highly slippery. A good strategy is to smother the wire rope in the substance, preventing it from being corroded when in contact with reactive materials.


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