Filters: Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly

Your car needs good parts to operate smoothly. Among the more important parts are the filters. With faulty filters, your car may end up stalling or not starting at all. Early signs of filter problems are your car suddenly shuddering and other mechanical problems. Mechanics recommend that air filters be replaced at around 15,000 miles, while fuel filters at 20,000 miles. Manufacturers often state more optimistic distances like 150,000 miles or even “lasts a lifetime” when talking about how long before a replacement is needed; however, it would be safer to replace filters regularly rather than hoping for the best.

Air Filters

Your car’s air filters have several functions. The main one is to ensure that airborne debris not enter your engine; air is a necessary part of the combustion process that makes your engine run, and clean air is necessary so that dirt doesn’t clog your engine. Air filters also make your engine less noisy and remove turbulence from incoming air, which leads to a more comfortable ride for you.

Fuel Filters

The other component of the combustion process is the fuel. A good filter will stop any impurities from entering your fuel injection and keep your car running well. Fuel filters can become clogged by dirt in your fuel or rust from the fuel tank; this results in fuel not being supplied properly to the engine. Regular replacement is thus a necessity.


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