Signs that a Car Needs a New Oil Filter

A car engine needs motor oil for its components to move efficiently without overheating. Motor oil functions as a lubricant, preventing surfaces from sliding dry against each other. However, over time, the continuous sliding of metal surfaces leads to the production of dust and mineral particles that mix with the oil. As these particles flow with the oil, they repeatedly scrape the engine components, gradually wearing down the engine’s efficiency.

To reduce the chances of these particles damaging the engine, a filter is installed between the feed and the engine to block much of the debris. At times, when no clean oil is circulating through the engine, the oil filter will release unfiltered oil to ensure that the engine isn’t drained. This safety feature can turn out to be a gamble, as unfiltered oil could be harmful to the engine parts. Nevertheless, it’s more beneficial than letting the engine dry up.

Imagine the oil filter failing to function properly due to poor manufacture or installation, though. Some signs of a bad oil filter include overheating, leaks, and the engine light not turning on. Cars that experience these must be repaired quickly before the engine reaches its breaking point. The ideal remedy is oil change and oil filter replacement.

Vehicle owners will always be in need of new filters. Dealers of auto parts and supplies must ensure that they have enough filters available to accommodate this ever-present demand.


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