Breathing In, Breathing Out—On Baldwin Filters

Engines need a continuous stream of air to ensure adequate fuel burn. That’s why you see cars whose engines stick out through the hood because they need all the air for a better combustion. Still, when you are in need of some air filters and no OEMs are available, Baldwin air filters often emerge as a great alternative. Here are the types of Baldwin air filters to look out for:

Channel Flow®

The Channel Flow® series of filters are designed for direct flow operations. They comprise alternating layers of corrugated and flat filtration sheets to form a honeycomb pattern sealed with adhesives. Some auto experts vouch for the series’ efficiency as their large filtration area and compact size helps maximize space for certain engine designs.

Radial Seal

The Radial Seal class is often used in heavy-duty operations. The media component is made out of filtered layers put together with PermaPleat®, which creates built-in pleat spaces. Urethane bonds the molded ends before a strong gasket locks in the entire assembly.

Extreme Performance

The above two classes may not be as effective when the vehicle is fielded into tougher environments such as heavily-polluted areas, thereby warranting the installation of the Extreme Performance (XP) class filters. Made up of ProTura® nanofibers, Extreme Performance filters are capable of gathering particles up to submicron level, then channel them to the housing dust ejector.


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