Stopping Fuel Pilferages

Pilfering fuel, according to some observers, is common in organizations or companies with transportation capabilities. In fact, such incidents are becoming increasingly hard to curtail, which even factors when you’re using an onsite fuel service company to tank up your vehicles. This translates into greater expenses than expected. You can still take steps to stop the sidelining of fuel for non-work-related purposes, though.

Out of Sight but not Out of Mind

If you have a storage tank near a work site, consider planning to leave it half-full during a delivery but use stabilizers to prevent degrading it. You can then arrange for transferring the remaining fuel into another storage medium like a rubber bladder or a canister. Make sure that any transfers are discreetly carried out.

In a Tough Shell

Some security experts recommend amping up the protection for the fuel stocks by placing them within an enclosure or building that has its own tight security protocols. The stockpile and the pumping mechanism itself must be nowhere near any roadways, but fixed barriers can be positioned to prevent immediate access. This can benefit fuel delivery units with long hoses.

All-Seeing Eyes

Your fuel stockpile should be under full surveillance by trusted associates and electronic devices. In some cases, your neighbors can be tasked to help you out with watching the place and report any unusual activity right away.

Every drop matters when each counts to the continued survival of your business. You have the power to stop fuel theft.


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