How to Pick the Best Baldwin Hydraulic Filters

Proper maintenance has always been necessary in order for the hydraulic systems used by heavy-duty vehicles to remain in optimum condition. One maintenance routine involves installing the right Baldwin hydraulic filters to use in these systems. As technology improves, however, hydraulic filters have become more varied and complex; thus choosing the best filter has become a lot more precise.

Fortunately, much of the basics still apply. When it comes to hydraulic filters, maintenance crews have to consider the type of fluid and the amount of pressure that the hydraulic system will use. For instance, industrial vehicles would typically need filters that contain synthetic media because these filters tolerate the higher pressures that the systems usually work with.

Crews should also take into account the sophistication of the system itself, because this determines the number of filters it requires. For example, some hydraulic systems would need ‘suction side filters’ to clean the fluid as it makes its way to the pump, while others need ‘pressure side filters’ to clean the fluid as it passes through critical components like actuators and directional controls.

Temperature could also be a factor when hydraulic systems operate in less than ideal working conditions. Thus, filters with synthetic media are often the best choice for cold environments, because they allow a much smoother fluid flow, unlike hydraulic filters with cellulose media.


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