Onsite Fueling Keeps You on the Road, on Schedule

Shipping companies work on a tight schedule to make deliveries on time, all the time. What dispatchers can’t afford is a driver leaving the warehouse to get his truck fueled up and wasting much-needed time.  This is why many businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles prefer to have the fuel delivered to the trucks instead of the other way around.

Less work for personnel

With onsite fueling, the time-consuming responsibility of driving to a service station and back is out of employees’ hands. Every 20-minute stop a driver makes to re-fuel at a service station twice or thrice per week is money wasted. Hence, drivers are now free to devote more time to their job responsibilities and to focus on their shift.

Open all day and night

In a round-the-clock business like shipping, fuel needs to be available as well. Onsite fueling services know this too well and offer to adjust to whatever schedule the client desires. Clients usually have the fuel delivered during downtime, so the trucks are up and running once the regular shift begins.

Tracking expenses

With the fuel delivered to the vehicles, tracking cost efficiency and optimizing fuel budgets would be more manageable. In addition, onsite fuel delivery should drastically reduce unauthorized stops and side trips since the fuel for every vehicle has been measured and recorded, and every driver is accountable for it.

Fleet managers everywhere will now find it easier to manage employee time and money with the convenience of onsite fuel services.


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