Cleaning Up Your Act at Work

Hygienic practices in the office or workplace don’t just protect employees; they protect the business, too. Less contaminants mean less sickness and lost productivity days. Unfortunately, not everyone is as sanitary as they ought to be. Many offices have gone as far as penalizing workers for being unsanitary. Before the situation in your office goes too far, try educating them first.

Load up the washroom

Hand washing is, by far, the best way to avoid disease-causing germs. Your primary defense against bad hygiene begins in the washroom. If there isn’t enough antibacterial soap and paper towels in there, everyone ends up dropping off and picking up germs every time they do their business.  As an extra precaution, buy some disinfectants as well, like a Gojo hand cleaner.

Devices need to be hygienic too

Few are aware that the average computer mouse and keyboard carries more bacteria than a toilet seat. Considering how often our hands come in contact with a keyboard, it is no wonder that E.coli and staph are literally at our fingertips. Vacuuming particles between keys and wiping down both mouse and keyboard with a cleaning solution should help. Other sources of germs include doorknobs, handrails, and even paper money.

Make it a habit

Interoffice email reminders as well as strategically placed signs may not guarantee a sterile office environment, but you’d have taken the first step towards creating a culture of cleanliness.  Office managers could also hand out rewards or incentives to the cleanest work area.


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