Two of Synthetic Oil’s Greatest Benefits

It’s a no contest—against conventional oil, synthetic oils are definitely the clear-cut winner. Synthetic oils and lubricants contain better refined basic oils, which means better performance and longer lasting engines. For your fleet, this equates to fewer repairs, lower repair costs, lesser fuel consumption, and more reliable equipment. Here are a couple of the greatest benefits that synthetic oils offer.

Reduce engine temperature.

Temperature plays a huge role in your engine’s performance and lifespan. The makeup of synthetic oils allow them to keep an engine cooler, thereby preventing the engine from reaching dangerous temperature levels. Also, because they don’t produce sludge and leave deposits, they don’t cause as much friction as conventional oils do.

Protect engines better.

Synthetic engine allow much less contact between all your engine’s moving components. Although the engine will still experience wear over time, these will be far less significant than what you’ll get when using mineral oil. For your business, this means you’ll get more years out of your equipment before it needs to be replaced.

Keep these in mind when you’re deciding whether to use synthetic or mineral for your equipment. Knowing what you know now, you’re sure to come up with the better, wiser choice.


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