How to Deal with a Worker’s Dirty Hands

Working in an industrial facility often requires handling equipment full of rust, grease, or adhesive. Exposure to such substances may have bad effect on a worker’s health, more so if they are accidentally ingested or inhaled. However, these substances are commonly found in home garages and repair shops too.

The risk of coming into contact with the substances mentioned above is very high in facilities like plants and factories, which is why wearing protective gear and clothing is usually part of the safety procedure. However, there are instances when holding rusty or greasy items is inevitable, and some workers won’t mind doing so without wearing protective gloves. In effect, their hands and arms become dirty, which poses a risk of poisoning when even a little amount makes its way to the worker’s food or drink.

This is where hand cleaners come in. Often industrial companies provide their workers highly effective hand cleaners that can get rid of contaminants on their hands. Hand cleaners may come in a lotion-like solution that can easily be poured and spread, and can remove even tough adhesives.

If you’re selling industrial supplies, you must consider selling hand cleaners. Regardless of whether your customers are small auto shop owners or large company managers, you can rest assured that they will need your product. Providing them high-quality hand cleaners will help them minimize the exposure of their workers to hazardous substances and reduce the risk of skin diseases.


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