Air Filters: Keeping Engines Dirt and Clog-Free

Any car repair center worth its salt sees fit to replenish its supply of air filters on a regular basis. After all, these components are typically quite worn by the time vehicle owners seek repairs. Then again, air filters that have seen heavy use only prove that they did their job quite well.

Air filters aren’t that different from similar filters found in air conditioning units as they are installed in a special compartment in front of the motor. This placement allows air filters to absorb particulates while the vehicle is running. While many kinds of air filters are disposable, others only need to be replaced every now and then.

Paper filters, primarily meant for short-term use, are the most common of the lot. Once these filters have served their purpose, vehicle owners turn to more advanced types of air filters like polyurethane foam. Foam filters, in particular, are widely sought after by cross-country and off-road drivers because of their ability to absorb huge amounts of dirt and dust.

That said, certain brands like Baldwin offer an even better option: performance filters. These filters not only absorb heavy amounts of dirt but also increase airflow to the engine, thereby improving overall vehicle performance.


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