Two Telltale Signs that an Oil Change is Needed

Motor oil, regardless whether it’s synthetic or the conventional type, is vital to the proper functioning of a car’s engine and can greatly influence the overall performance of a vehicle. Without the lubricating properties of motor oil, the metal components of the engine will produce excessive heat and friction that could cause the premature deterioration of the engine.

As much as motor oil is an important fluid circulating in a vehicle, it is a must for you to remember that motor oil isn’t meant to dwell inside the engine of the car forever. Car owners should take heed of these two warning signs that tell them that it’s time for an oil change:

The golden rule of “Get-an-oil-change-every-3000-miles” is still (partially) applicable. If the vehicle has traveled 3000 miles, then it is safe to say that the motor oil is no longer optimal for your engine. However, note that some vehicles have been made with the word “low-maintenance” in mind, so oil change after 4000-6000 miles could be more appropriate.

The engine is excessively loud. The sound of a roaring engine may be exciting during racing events, but in your everyday car? It can be a sign of trouble. If the engine starts making unusual loud noises, it might be time to check on your car’s oil level.


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