Off-Road Diesel Switch Not Worth the Risk

Gas prices have been soaring over the last few months. In many places, prices have soared to nearly $4 per gallon! The rising cost of gas has undoubtedly forced many commercial truck fleet owners to look for ways to save on fuel expenses.

One solution you may have thought about is switching your trucks to off-road diesel. Off-road fuel costs much less than its on-road counterpart, and it’ll work for your commercial truck. In theory, it sounds like a slam dunk idea. Unfortunately, the benefits only stay within the realm of the theoretical.

Off-road diesel is restricted to large vehicles deemed unfit for use in public roads. These vehicles are often heavy machinery like scoopers, snow blowers, and tractors. Sadly, your 18-wheeler doesn’t qualify under this specification, regardless of its gargantuan frame. As such, it is illegal to use off-road diesel for your commercial truck.

Law enforcement has many ways to check for off-road diesel. Apart from checking fuel color (off-road fuel has a cherry-red hue), officers claim that they can spot off-road diesel based on the smell and color a vehicle’s exhaust. If caught, you can face a hefty fine that exceeds the savings you may have gained during the fuel switch.

Simply put, switching to off-road diesel is not worth the risk of a substantial fine. If you’re looking for ways to reduce fuel expenses, try looking for an onsite fuel service. These professionals can help install your own fuel tank, and deliver on-road diesel upon request.


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