How Synthetic Oil Can Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

An oil change is a regular occurrence for any vehicle owner. The motor oil you put in your car allows your engine to operate smoothly, while also doing the additional duty of keeping it cool and clean. This is why your choice of what oil to use can improve the performance of an engine. This is where a synthetic engine oil comes in.


Synthetic engine oil is made from the same materials that make up conventional motor oil. However, the difference is in how it is made. Using chemical reactions to refine it, synthetic oils have less impurities than conventional motor oil. Additionally, it has smaller molecules. This allows for better lubrication.


The fact that it lubricates better should be reason enough for it to improve a vehicle’s performance, but there are also several other reasons for it to help an engine work better:


  • Synthetic oils help protect engines from friction damage, because the engines are better lubricated. The engines get to function more smoothly, too.

  • Wider temperature limits can help an engine function even at high temperature, and it also enable the engine to function in cold weather environments.

  • Less oil changes. More durable oil means that there is less need to replace it.


The only disadvantage is that synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil. However, the savings you gain from improved performance ultimately makes it a more cost-effective choice.


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