Onsite Fuel Service: Making sure your Vehicles are always Fueled and Ready

As business owner, it is your obligation to always look at the bottom line. One of the ways to do this is to be as efficient as possible. Imagine your delivery trucks traveling without the delay of individual refueling. Stopping to gas up a large vehicle often takes a third of an hour. This adds up through the year and can cost your company up to three thousand dollars a year.

This is where onsite fuel service comes in. Called wet-hosing by insiders, this service involves delivering a fuel tank to your vehicles on their off-time to fuel them, with payment afterward. This has two main benefits: fuel control and convenience. Fuel usage would be monitored and not just dependent on the drivers’ honesty. This assures you that the gas you’re paying for is actually being used. It is convenient because it removes refueling time during travel and you are assured that your vehicles will have a full tank when they drive out.

However, having onsite fuel service has one main disadvantage. The price tag of the gas that is being delivered is often higher than those found at gas stations. This is because the handling and the delivery add to the price. This can be a deal breaker for some but companies with large vehicle fleets may find that is worth it.


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