Car Repair Skin Hazards and How to Prevent Them

Cars need regular TLC to keep them running at maximum efficiency, and part of doing such is by physically tinkering with the vital parts of a car’s engine. Car engines contain numerous chemical substances like oil and grease, which may cause various skin problems with prolonged contact.


Skin hazards from constant contact with automobile fluids occur when the pH (acidity) level of the skin’s outer layer is compromised. This pH level acts as a barrier to prevent infection and potential allergens from penetrating the skin. If the layer is damaged, foreign substances can enter freely.


These skin diseases can be prevented by simple precautionary measures. It is recommended that you coat your hands with a thick layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly before working. This layer will act as a protective coating for your skin, preventing direct contact with automobile grease or oils. Also, it makes cleanup easier as opposed to not coating your hands at all.


Lotion can work too, which has the same effect as Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Pour some around the hands, giving particular attention to fingernails and the spaces between fingers. Oily lotions generally work better, rather than those that dry quickly.


Better yet, wear protective gloves; or if gloves aren’t available, then use a specialized hand cleaner. Most cleaners on the market are designed to effectively remove heavy oils, grease, and other chemicals, while leaving hands feeling refreshed and clean.


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