Things to Know About Synthetic Engine Oil

Many people consider motor vehicles to be convenient modes of transportation, but few appreciate the engineering marvel that they represent. At any given moment, a myriad of engine parts all work together to give you the smooth and safe ride you take for granted.

Of course, all this mechanical movement causes a lot of heat under the hood, and too much of it can cause your engine to falter. Thankfully, engine oil circulates through the system, picking up heat and dispersing it in the radiator. The type of oil you use, though, determines how efficiently this task is accomplished.

Car experts today agree that synthetic engine oil is the best variant to use. Unlike conventional oil that is produced from the crude oil refining process, synthetics are made from chemicals called polyalphaolefins (PAO).

Their chemical structure allows them to flow more efficiently under most temperatures and driving conditions, which boosts your car’s performance. What’s more, they are also able to last much longer before needing to be replaced—some brands offer up to 20,000 miles. Since they don’t need constant changing, synthetics are considered more environmentally friendly as well since they cut down oil wastage by 15-24 quarts a year.

Do know that synthetic oils are more expensive than either conventional or hybrid variants, but their extra performance and longevity more than make up for the cost.


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