Nipping the Oil Pan Leak in the Bud

The oil pan is a vital part of the engine’s lubrication, helping recirculate the oil all throughout the engine. However, you might notice that a black puddle forms under it when the vehicle is parked in the driveway. That’s a sign of a leaky oil pan. How do you seal it up to prevent further damage and save what is left of the oil?

Crosscheck the source of the leaks with the immediate area underneath the vehicle. Most of the time, it’s the valve covers that are leaking the oil, requiring you to bolt them with the proper socket wrenches. A degreaser or carburetor cleaner will be needed to clean up potential leak zones but if the steady leak was from a missing oil plug, you will need the proper bolt to screw it in. Some auto experts state you don’t need to replace the gaskets at all, which will save you a great deal of money.

The oil filter itself may be a source of the leak. For example, if you’ve been using your vehicle in harsh off-road conditions, the filter itself will be jarred loose especially if the part was improperly installed. In this case, a full oil and filter change will be recommended.


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