The Importance of Oil Filters

Your car is one of the most complex machines ever invented, composed of a myriad of parts that work together in unison to transport you where you need to go. With the engine parts constantly moving though, friction quickly builds up and the heat it generates will choke up any vehicle if left unattended. Thankfully, cars have engine oil that lubricates the engine so it can function as smoothly as possible.

In a lot of ways, engine oil is the lifeblood of your car, and like your own body it has a kidney-like component that cleans out impurities—the oil filter. Over time, the oil accumulates metal shavings and other debris that are abrasive to your engine (particularly the bearing), wearing it down faster and potentially causing major damage. Fortunately, your filter catches these troublesome bits as the oil passes through it, ensuring that only clean oil gets circulated in the engine.

However, cleaning the oil isn’t the only job your filter does. When you turn off your car, the oil settles at the bottom of the engine, leaving its upper portion with precious little lubrication when you restart the vehicle. Again, the filter comes to the rescue by retaining just enough oil that quickly circulates to the upper engine, thus promptly restoring lubrication.


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