Where to Gas Up When the Plants are Down

Modern society is, for the most part, a fossil fuel world. Nearly everything runs on processed oil, from your laptop to the factories that made your laptop. Imagine the world’s oil production grinds to a halt for a single day. The world as you know it could change drastically

In the U.S., the transportation sector uses 70 percent of the country’s oil stock. Logistics is a big thing for an economic power such as the U.S. Whether by truck or train, the $1.3-trillion sector will stand to lose a significant amount of money because the plants didn’t produce oil for one day.

This is no hypothetical scenario. Whether a state of war or just routine downtime, the logistics sector can’t afford to stop trucking for a day. Always assume that the truckers need the fuel since yesterday; that’s how important fuel is to them. That’s why companies in the logistics business often have a contingency plan.

There are other sources of fuel these companies can tap in the event of an “oil shutdown.” On-site fuel services store a substantial amount of fuel to be used in case the petrochemical plants suspend operations for a time. Other functions that can benefit from on-site refueling include emergency services (e.g. 911).


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