Engine Air Filter: An Important Car Component

Just like human beings, car engines also require air to survive – or to be more specific, to function. Given the fact that engines use internal combustion, then oxygen would be necessary for it to burn fuel. However, before air can be taken in and used by engines to support combustion, it needs to be cleaned and regulated – these are the two important roles that an engine air filter is tasked with.

Basically, car air filters are designed to trap dirt and debris, as well as to control the amount of air entering the engine. Common types of air filters include cotton, foam, paper, and oil bath. The type of air filter you can use for your vehicle will depend on its engine model and the car’s purpose. For instance, paper air filters are suitable for regular vehicles used for daily commutes, whereas cotton filters are considered high-performance parts for racing and sport cars.

There are many established manufacturers of car filters like Baldwin Filters that don’t only supply air filters, but oil, lubricant, hydraulic, and coolant filters as well. Without these barriers made to keep dust and other foreign particles out of your car’s internal mechanisms, it won’t be long before your car needs to be repaired or worse, replaced with a new one that you have to spend thousands of dollars on.


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